Thursday, May 27, 2010


After being inactive for so long due to studies, Yummyplushies is back again, this time with more toys. :)

Do stay tuned as there as lots more toys that is gonna be put up for sale very soon @ the lowest price ever!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Minnie - Code no. 32



Minnie wearin strawberry clothes!

At 35cm tall, sellin at $24

Mickey - Code no. 31

Mickey jus graduate! Buy this for ur older frenz as a present when they r leavin sch!

At 20cm tall, sellin at $10

Tiger - Code no. 30

Tiger playin sax!! Don't he looks ao cute?

He is 40cm tall ( wow ) sellin at $28

Mickey - Code no. 29

Mickey actin lyk a pirate!! wow so fierce ><

At 40cm tall, sellin at $28

Minnie - Code no. 28



With veil on

Wow!! Minnie wearin a bridal gown! At 40cm tall, sellin at $22

Minnie (: - Code no. 27

Looks damn cute can?? holdin on to a heart (: quick get it!!
Sellin at $25, its 35 cm tall

Pooh n tiger - Code no. 26



Pooh n tiger (: fur damn nice n its limited edition 2008!

Both r 30cm tall n sellin each at $30 dollar (:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stitch(: - Code no. 1



Ain't he a cutie =D come n buy him now at onli $26!! OMG so cheap!!

He has shiny fur!! Shine when ther is light shinin on it!! It's 35cm tall n 46cm wide (includin ears)

Christmas Capybara - Code, Brown = no. 2, Purple = no. 3

Their fur is so so sooooo SOFT!!! Nice to hug them to sleep!!Get them at $24 each/$50 set.

They are 30cm long each

( brown sold )

Jack Skellington - Code no. 4

Front view

Back view

Its a bag! U can put ur items in it!

Its 30cm tall n sellin for $25! Plushies n bag = 2 in 1!

( sold )

Angel - Code no. 5

ZOMG! CUTE!! Sellin at $12, standin at 18cm tall!

Mickey! - Code no. 6

Kawaii!! Its 38cm tall n sellin for $26 dollar!!

Capybara's friend - Code no. 7

Trick Or Treat!! Buy this for ur friends!! It will b a great decoration! Sellin at $18

It stands at 30cm tall (:

Bunny!! - Code no. 8

LOL i forgot de name of it le =X Sellin cheap!! $5!! Get it NOW!

Its is 22cm tall (:

Monster Inc. Sully - Code no. 9

Picture a bit blur lahz... But still cute (: so furry!! Its 16cm tall n sellin at $6!

Pooh! - Code no. 10

Pooh with a flower on it's head! It's 22cm tall, sellin at $12!

Limited edition pooh - Code no. 11

Dun he jus look cute? =3 It's limited edition! Sittin at 19cm tall, sellin at $18!! So cheap!!

Stitch wearin pink jacket - Code no. 12

Aww... he is wearin a pink jacket (: He is 20cm high n 34cm wide.
Sellin at $20!!

Limited edition colourless Mickey - Code no. 13

It's limited edition n looks so nice!! Get it now b4 it is sold!
It is 22cm tall, sellin at $25

Pooh with Cherry - Code no. 14

Front view

Pooh's cherry xD

It jus looks so so cute!! Fur very nice! It is 18cm tall, sellin at $18!

Pooh - Code no. 15

LOL SELLIN DAMN CHEAP!! $3 dollar!! It's 15cm tall!!

Lightyear! - Code no. 16

Toy story 3 is COMIN OUT!! Get it toy now! Its head shakes 0.o
Standin at 20cm tall, sellin at $11!!

Stitch - Code no. 17

It is 18cm tall, 27cm wide! Sellin at $16!
( sold )

Mickey! - Code no. 18

Dun he look innocent? He is 25cm tall n sellin at $10!! So cheap!

Code no. 19

Kinda forgot de name also xD psps... cute still cute siol!
Sellin at $4, its 16cm tall ba...

Jack Skellington - Code no. 20

Front view

Inside view/Back view

Its a tissue box for u all to decorate ur old lookin tissue box!
Wake up in de middle of de nite to b scare by it!
Sellin at $23, its 30cm long n 25cm wide!

Halloween Stitch n friends! - Code, Pooh no. 21, Mickey no. 22, Marie no. 23

Sellin all 3!! Still got last one in de set, comin soon! Sellin $7.50 each!

They are 20cm tall each!

Scrump! - Code no. 24

Scrump! So cute! <3
Sellin at $7.50, its 15cm
Mickey - Code no. 25

Mickey in a jacket! Standin at 25cm! Sellin for $10